Established 1954

Harris Charitable Trust


The Harris Charitable Trust is a private foundation that was funded in 1954 by the Harris family of Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. The family has had a keen interest and commitment in assisting others.

The Trust supports selected local, regional, and national organizations in the United Kingdom as well as the United States serving a variety of worthwhile organizations and indviduals. The Trust also supports work of selected organizations that improves or increases their effectiveness in delivering services, including efforts to alleviate critical shortages of healthcare providers, non-profit management, and other areas of need identified by the trustees. The Trust is particularly interested in supporting work that intentionally utilizes persons fifty years old and above who wish to use their expertise and life experience to assist organizations and individuals in fulfilling their goals.

Recent activities of the Trust include support for capacity building, mentoring activities, research, education, and health initiatives that in various ways support the broad interests of the Trust. The Trust has developed partnerships with organizations exploring new ideas and efforts; supported established service providers that are ready to move to a higher level of engagement; assisted educational institutions seeking to meet specific societal needs; and supported community based organizations responding to local issues. The Trust has provided funding for capital needs that enhance the efforts of growing organizations.

Grant Proposals

At this time the Harris Charitable Trust does not accept unsolicited proposals.